Minting and a reflection about the price of things

A lot of consideration was given to the characteristics and traits of the Tokats, as well as their backgrounds and influences.

For instance physical appearance symbolised by the mouth, the nose, etc. do not take into account the rarity of the token. It could have created more “properties”… but the author wanted the meaning be more important.

These are things that humans do not choose.

The scarcity inducing value in NFT, creator do not consider that the color of the skin, the physical appearance and the origin of a person can be considered as a mark of personal value in this artistic concept where the Tokats symbolize the human being in his ecosystem and his intellectual conceptions.

Similarly, among the 20 most common Tokats (but not limited to), some have unique properties that have not been entered in Opensea. These properties will represent future legends or potential legends that may have no significant value in the eyes of everyone and the world… only those who are interested will discover these Tokats.

Finally,  as this work is being used for representative symbolic purposes, everyone should therefore be able to have access to the primary market of this project, regardless of the funds they want to devote to the purchase of a work.
For this reason until february 2022, the time of the pre-sales, there will be Quantity: 870 Peon Tokats (solid color) allocated for a minimum price on the sales platform and Elite Tokats special price (end march).


During phase 2 (level 2 on roadmap), The Tokats will not be listed automatically as now in Opensea presale. They were still visible in Opensea collection as catalog.

Many event occurs in phase 2. (contests, rpg like history, easter eggs quests, polls with rewards…)

One of them is based on the “re-listing” of a part of the collection with the final price. Not presale price.

The “White Mountain Tokats” (discord members with this role cause on whitelist) can choose the Tokats they wants with priority to buy and book it (they have a month to buy it with whitelist discount, all details on official discord server).

Side collections (in The Tokats universe) are planned. There will be launched as an usual NFT project launch, without presale and only on whitelist (so is interesting to be on whitelist during phase 1).

For more informations, see the roadmap.


The presale is an integral part of creating this physical work uses “collectible NFT” media, creating an extension of work in dematerialisation, for Lepal this is an important research concept.

This public presale IS conceptually PART of the work. It’s not just an NFT project launch, it’s the exploitation as a medium of this concept.

This kind of exhibition will finally end in June 2022. In the meantime, it allows curious people and members of the nascent community on Discord to discover and acquire the NFTs of this project if they wish, whatever their budget.

This presale is conceptual. It exposes a price really calculated according to the distribution of the rarity between the Tokats (The value that is given to Man in his ecosystem?…).