Rarity and Uniqueness Concept

A mirror in dematerialised world

An integral part of creating this physical work uses “collectible NFT” media, creating an extension of work in dematerialisation, for me this is an important research concept.

The 15,000 unique NFTs have been created solely by Lepal, using only pixels, and a spreadsheet, to verify that each illustration is unique. No Code, no random generation mode, no third party services.



Work NFTs base : 24×24 px

Final NFTs works : 2000×2000 px

Blockchain (main collection) : Polygon ETH

Characteristics and Traits

  • The skin and backgrounds
    (combination of 882)
  • Variety of standard noses and mouths
    (combination of more than 25)
  • Light color for muzzle and chest
    (2 different styles)
  • Furs
    (3 different styles)
  • Morphology
    (4 different styles)
  • Facial expression
    (15 different combinations)
  • Accessories
    (more than 220 different customised items)
  • Clothing
    (more than 70 different customised items)

Properties in italic are not rare characteristic or traits.

For instance physical appearance symbolised by the mouth, the nose, etc. do not take into account the rarity of the token. It could have created more “properties”… but Lepal wanted the meaning be more important. “These are things that humans do not choose”.

The Peons

Most are still virgin, others, already have an element of influence represented by an accessory and all are unique in their simplicity.

These are all those who do not belong to any of the other following groups.

The Elites

They are opinion leaders, influencers. They have two or three accessories… but above all they are wacky Tokats!

The Bosses

They are the strongest after the legends, they symbolise the media, the secondary politicians, the powers, which are good or bad according to the criteria of each one.

They have four “properties” including a costume, some props are only on bosses…

The Legends

Symbolize the sources of influence, and it’s a fan art space to have fun and a tribute to people, the opportunity to talk about those the author like (for the majority of cases).

Here you will find musicians, actors, characters from films, novels, comics but also certain historical characters and representations of certain powers at work in the world.

Characteristics and Traits

Only those who can be found on Peon, Elite and Boss. The Tokats Legends have also their own properties not listed here.


  • Bearb
    1 per fight: bearb hairs sting! A chin shot deal dmg + 1 free attack
  • Black bonnet
    Immune against head kicks thanks to this bonnet a bit scratchy
  • Blond hair
    The enemy falls in love with the blond… and can't do anything but watch him move in slow motion… as long as he isn't attacked!
  • Boxer
  • Cap
  • Cigarette
    1 per fight: range attack! Cigarette-throwing + free attack
  • Clown nose
  • Crest
  • Crown
  • Earring
  • Eye patch
  • Fluo yellow headband
    Immune to cigarette-throwing and perspiration onto the eyes, thanks to this sponge headband!
  • Glasses
  • Goatee
  • Green bonnet
  • Half-mask
  • Hat
  • Long hair
  • Makeup
  • Nasty eyebrows
  • Pirate Hat
  • Red bonnet
  • Sad eyebrows
  • Sunglasses 1
    1 per fight: Thanks to the super fashionable glasses, penalize enemy by 1 pts on his attack rolls.
  • Tiger
  • White bonnet
  • White tunic
  • Wounded
  • Yellow bonnet
  • Slashed
  • None


  • Blue eyes
  • Bobby
  • Barfing
  • White bearb
    2 per fight : In the white beard of the wise man... there are always leftovers from the previous meal. You find something to eat there and give you +1 life point!
  • Fluo pink headband
    2 per fight: So absorbent that it even absorbs chin shot with sticky bearb hair!
  • Afro hairstyle
  • S&M


  • Serious
  • Bad
  • Bored
  • Surprised
    Critical hit: Never be surprised in this fight again! Goes first every turn.
  • Afraid
  • Zen
  • Calm
  • Focus
    Critical hit : Attack auto until ennemy down
  • Attentive
    Critical hit : Avoid all attacks from the opponent until down
  • Angry
  • Killer
  • Sleepy
    Fumble: Feigns death by having a narcolepsy attack
  • Masked
  • Wink
  • Special


  • Bachi
  • Cop cap
  • Interface
  • Mustache
  • Sunglasses 2
  • Sunglasses 3
  • Surgical mask
  • Tongue out
  • Wedge cap


  • Big
  • Beefy
  • Standard
  • Slim
    Once a fight he's so skinny that it cannot be targeted. He becomes invisible by pulling his stomach in!


  • Fashion Short Hairstyle
  • Batbonnet
  • Chain
  • Clown hairstyle
  • Creole earrings
  • Dracula teeth
  • Drake Hairstyle
  • Gorgeous blond long hair
  • Grey afro hairstyle
  • Harley hair
  • Harry hair
  • Klark Hairstyle
  • Klaus horns
  • Lady Bug hair
  • Link hair
  • Lion hairstyle
  • Long straight hair
  • Manga hairstyle
  • Messy blond
  • Michael hairstyle
  • Robert Jr. hair
  • Short bearb and mustache
  • Short Hair
  • Slicked back hair
  • Sunglasses collector C
  • UFO Robot crest
  • UFO Robot eye
  • UFO Robot muzzle
  • Zorro mask


  • Sailor shirt
  • Half dark
  • Reflective jacket
  • Suit
  • White shirt
  • Black Tshirt
  • Red Tshirt
  • Blue shirt
  • Black dress
  • Half white
  • Red dress
  • Rose gingham shirt
  • Salmon shirt
  • White dress
  • Bodybuilder
  • Uniform
  • White tunic
  • White sleeveless shirt
  • Gene Show costume
  • Heisenberg cook outfit
  • Legend Overalls
  • Morgan suit
  • Master Gims grey clothes