The Wonderful Bestiary of Psycho-Social and Cultural Influence

A mirror in real world

Tokats are small pieces of a 15,000 piece puzzle. The work as a whole is a physical piece, when completed, and will be presented to the public during the Biennale Arte di Venezia at the Artbox Expo in 2022.

Inspired by Lepal’s childhood in the 80s, it’s a 24×24 pixel-art artistic project that is tokenized with 15,000 fun NFTs in 2000x2000px full of meaning and hidden secrets! But we will talk about that in future.

NFTs make up the pieces of the puzzle in this collection. Source of The Tokats collection is the puzzle assembled, the physical work: The Wonderful Bestiary of Psycho-social and Cultural Influence.

The Founding Idea

Author talks about it.

“This work represent us and our cultural, intellectual, conceptual and political influences. It is a reflection of contemporary human society, that influences the individual, intellectually, consciously and unconsciously.

Each Tokats has its own features that indicate its influences, becomes the detail, indistinguishable from an overview and which participates on the physical artwork in this explosion of colors, chaotic, intriguing and fascinating. Our para-natural ecosystem.

I present my work as a “neo mixed media 3.0”, between collage, abstract art and conceptual artwork with his physical, and splitted dematerialised mirror in NFT collection concept.

From distance, a beautiful, colorful artwork, but when you approach of it, abstraction disappear, details appears and you see all imperfections and perfections of each individuals, his fail, his failure, his beauty, his dream, his individuality. All perfections and imperfections create this beauty of the entire project.

A pixel is the smallest indivisible material of a digital image. Like a quantum particle, a string that vibrates with information given by light. The pixel becomes the image of the source of information, of this light which composes everything.

If we could see the universe, and focus on the earth. It’s beautiful from space. An abstract piece of art, just an amazing and unbelievably complex. And you approch of it. And see the earth and the sea. And approach again and see the nature. And see the life. And see the humanity. See powers and influences, see a human, and see human’s cells, and see atoms, see quantums. And approch again and see a light.”

Lepal, 2021